Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: OLAP development
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> <steverwyllie@...> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've got a small start-up business and we desperately need an OLAP
>> service running off a transactional firebird database that's been
>> written by specialists in Singapore.
>> I've asked the Singapore guys, but they're too busy on other stuff
>> and don't really buy into how awesome a service this could be...
>> I've got a small amount of development experience from a long time
>> ago, but I'm afraid Firebird's got me beat !
>> I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. We're just a start-up,
> but
>> I'd be happy to pay for the work - it's really important to us.
>> Hope to hear from - somebody ! :)
>> Steve Wyllie
> Our company are developed different solutions for government, banks,
> and other. Our solutions are based on open-source projects, such as:
> Firebird (Red Database);
> Mondrian - XMLA/MDX server;
> JasperReports – tool generating statutory reports;
> Red OLAPNavigator, Jrubik – tools for OLAP data navigation

Is Red OLAPNavigator based on Jrubik or a completely different beast?

Did you have any chance to give JPalo v2.0 a try, which is a
Java-written XMLA capable client application?

The combination of Mondrian as XMLA server and a nice OLAP client
application like JPalo 2.0 looks promising, if one does not like the web
based JPivot approach as OLAP client. Although, JPalo is pretty memory
heavy and slow compared to the JPivot web based solution. Although, the
GUI of JPalo is much nicer.

Best Regards,
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