Subject Re: [firebird-support] OLAP development
Author Milan Babuskov
steverwyllie wrote:
> I've got a small start-up business and we desperately need an OLAP
> service running off a transactional firebird database that's been
> written by specialists in Singapore.
> I've got a small amount of development experience from a long time
> ago, but I'm afraid Firebird's got me beat !

I believe Mondrian and jPivot or jMagallanes work with Firebird via
JayBird just fine. IIRC, Thomas Steinmaurer recently said on some of the
mailing lists that he has got it working.

So, if you have any experience with Java, take a look at that. It is not
trivial to set it up (I tried and gave up after deciding it took too
much of my time), but it can be done.

Or maybe contact Thomas directly to help you out...


Milan Babuskov