Subject Re: slow "where 1=0"
Author danyschaer
He Sean;

My poor english don't help me to know what is the choice. What I do is
to buil one standard product for a special market, which is sale in a
closed box.

But I don't want to say to the customes "you have to use this and only
this databases"; I want to say "you can use one of this 3 or 4 database

After two years of developnets I can say "I did it!!!" for Firebird,
Oracle, PostgreSQL. I want to try with MS-SQL too. All based on 100%
pure sql selects (and very big in most cases). Our database structure
consists of 50+ tables, and the size of the database depends of each
customer. For example, normal customers that are using our software
since 1990 can have now some tables with half millon records, and
including blobs we are getting for a database like that a Firebird
database of 480 to 600 megabytes normaly.

Now in the final testings I find minor things like this one (where
1=0 ...).

My feeling is that Firebird will be the best choices for 80% ++ of our
customers. The other 20% will want to use Oracle, PostgreSQL, or MS-
SQL. Because tha feeling, I try to report on this forum (amazing forum)
each thing like this, hopping I can help with that feedback to make
Firebird better as all of you.

Best regards,