Subject Re: FBClient.dll dependencies
Author Adam
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...> wrote:
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> > > That's the ticket. Seems a shame to have to install these libs with
> > > the upgrade of a client (thought it was just the server).
> >
> > If I understand Paul Reeves' post, it is because they (the Firebird
> > project) use VS2005 to build now instead of VS2003. This allowed them
> > to provide a Win64 build.
> >
> > Vista and Server 2008 ship with these dlls installed btw, although it
> > is a shame to lose this simplicity for older installs. Hopefully a
> > compromise can be found.
> >
> > Adam
> >
> I can now say that some machines WITHOUT these 3 libs (msvcr80.dll,
> msvcp80.dll & msvcm80.dll) run the fblient.dll (v2.1) just fine. Some
> machines DO NOT. They return an exception "fbclient library not
> Why?

Well I can't say for sure, other than to point out there is a bit more
voodoo these days than the old copy the dll to system32 that caused
dll hell.

If it does work, then
1. Are you 100% sure you looked in the voodoo path Windows puts these
files into. (remembering another application may have installed the
library already)
2. Are you 100% sure you loaded the 2.1 library and it hasn't somehow
loaded an older client library?

> How do I know when they are needed?

As far as I know, they are always needed under 2.1.