Subject Odd network issue with v1.54
Author OB1
I have one customer who is running Firebird inside a Virtual Machine
(Windows Server 2003 R2, Standard). Occasionally my application just stops
when talking to the database, there's no error message received about unable
to connect to the database as there usually is, it just freezes. To solve
this I have to remotely connect to the VM and restart Firebird. When I do
this, all the client applications then report the failure to connect. i.e.
the freeze could have happened at 1pm and if I restart Firebird at 3pm, the
client apps then report the failure. It's as if the networking has frozen
and have hung any requests not allowing them to return.

I've checked the Firebird log and there's nothing untoward in there. I've
checked the Event logs and there's no reported errors at the time of the
freeze. In the previous 5 years of using Firebird I've not had anything
like this happen before, which leads me to believe it's related to running
the server in a VM-Ware VM.

Any suggestions as to what I could do to track down the cause?

I'm using Firebird v1.54 SS and IBO.

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