Subject Re: [firebird-support] trigger calling old version of stored procedure
Author unordained
> And if you happen to change number of parameters for the stored
> procedure, you can get the database into a state where it cannot be
> restored after a backup (IIRC, I reported a bug like that in 2.0 some
> time ago).

The changes were to implementation code only (e.g. adding a rdb$set_context() statement here or
there), not to the parameters, but that's good to know about.

> One important thing you fail to mention is with architecture do you use,
> Classic or SS ?

SuperServer on Windows.

> Of course, you'll have to test with latest 2.1 release, nobody is going
> to debug RC1, as it is quite possible that bug is already fixed.

Will do. I just wanted to see if anybody else had already run into this, or if it was actually
expected behavior -- I never made enough use of SP's and triggers up until now to get a feel for
what's normal. I'll report back when I've tested on 2.1 final.

Thanks, (and btw, thanks for FlameRobin, it rocks!)