Subject Re: [firebird-support] trigger calling old version of stored procedure
Author Milan Babuskov
unordained wrote:
> I have a utility stored procedure (executable proc) that I call from lots of triggers; I've
> noticed that if I modify this stored procedure and commit, the triggers seem to continue to run
> the "old" version of the utility procedure, even in new transactions. This only stops if I do
> something to the trigger (alter, recreate, etc.), and then it's fine. I keep trying to put debug
> code in that procedure, and keep being confused by the code not "working" -- but it seems like it's
> really an issue of the code just not being called.

And if you happen to change number of parameters for the stored
procedure, you can get the database into a state where it cannot be
restored after a backup (IIRC, I reported a bug like that in 2.0 some
time ago).

One important thing you fail to mention is with architecture do you use,
Classic or SS ?

> This is on FB2.1rc1, for what it's worth, with an up-to-date ODS file. (Haven't gotten around to
> upgrading my dev box.)

Of course, you'll have to test with latest 2.1 release, nobody is going
to debug RC1, as it is quite possible that bug is already fixed.

Milan Babuskov