Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird.conf for HP Proliant Server
Author Aage Johansen
frodo_haija wrote:
> ...
> Is there
> form me a way to check the index with a tool or is the way like in
> the other post wiht gstat -i?

Identify slow queries, and analyse the plan (from the optimizer).
If you don't know which queries are performing badly, you may have a
long way to go...

If you "prepare" your queries in a tool like IB_SQL (or FlameRobin or
...) you will be able to see the plan that the optimizer
generates. If the plans seems incomprehensible you can post a couple
of them (query, plan, table definitions, no. of records in the
tables) in this newgroup and someone will explain.

The indexes that you showed were from small tables with many duplicates.
Index IXTYPE_105 (1)
Depth: 2, leaf buckets: 2, nodes: 1104
Average data length: 0.01, total dup: 1096, max dup: 541
These may not be the best indexes (because of low selectivity of the field(s)).

Aage J.