Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: firebird.conf for HP Proliant Server
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
You're right, Milan. I should have written that when I've heard of other checksums, then there have been some corruption (and I don't remember whether these cases have been Firebird or InterBase). If there are some suspicion about the database being corrupt, I didn't want to indicate that looking at the checksum was the way to check the database.


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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird.conf for HP Proliant Server

Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:
> Checksum 12345
> I read these statistics as indicating that your database is not corrupt (correct checksum)

I thought that this checksum is an artifact of InterBase and doesn't
really show if database is corrupt.

Milan Babuskov