Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird.conf for HP Proliant Server
Author Aage Johansen
frodo_haija wrote:
> I have to solve performance problems with firebird 2.0.3 running on a
> HP Proliant Server. This Server owns Intel Xenon Prozessors and 3,5 GB
> Ram. The OS is Windows 2003 SP2.
> Is there a description whitch parameters i have to tune?
> I'm verry newby and my KnowHow on Firebird is very low.
> The firebird.conf file is not tuned (all lines are remarked wiht #)

You will have to test any changes with your particular situation.

You could change "Number of cached database pages" (and restart the
server). The page size will also be of some importance (change it
when doing a restore). Depending on circumstances, I mostly use 8000
cache pages and 8KB page size - this will need just 64MB. If you
connect to several databases they will each need CachePages*PageSize
of RAM. With your 3+GB you don't need to worry.

Having created "good indexes" is very important. Identify slow
queries, and analyse the plan (from the optimaizer). Create (or
drop!) indexes as required, and retest.

Hardware: Fast disks are important - the faster the better, 15000rpm
is very good. There is probably adequate level2 cache on the Xeon
processors, but a good RAID controller with some RAM can also
help. Different RAID configurations may also affect
performance. Many people like RAID5, I try to use RAID1 (mirroring9
on my database servers.

Aage J.