Subject Re: firebird.conf for HP Proliant Server
Author frodo_haija
Thank you Helen.

Here some facts:

The application work in the local lan only. Our network is tcp/ip
based and all components are from cisco. As far as i know the network
works correctly.
The application has a front end at the clients with a notif service
attached. Means, that data are stored at clients and all 30 sec the
data are written to the server.
At the server i have run a tool named "MiTeC Interbase Query". There
is a Performance Monitor in there and i have run it.
When i start a querry to the Database over the app i see at the
Performance Monitor a lot of "Writes to database" but not
many "Reads from database". Is there a way to post you a printscreen?
At the same test i have checked the CPU consumation. Nearly nothing
to do for the cpu. Also the ram consumation is only 650MB incl. OS.
The Databasefile has only 150MB.
For a Multiprocessor machine is it not better to run classig server?
Classic Server support SMP while Superserver doesn't.
The implementator has no idea where the bottleneck is located.

Database: Firebird 2.0.3 Superserver
DatabaseInterface: I see on the client a firebird client
Users: 60
Clients: 2000 and XP
Don't know whether the databases were created

Thanks for your help and sorry my english


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 07:59 PM 16/06/2008, you wrote:
> >I have to solve performance problems with firebird 2.0.3 running
on a
> >HP Proliant Server. This Server owns Intel Xenon Prozessors and
3,5 GB
> >Ram. The OS is Windows 2003 SP2.
> >
> >Is there a description whitch parameters i have to tune?
> You don't have to tune anything. You might need to tune something
at some point, if you find that you have problems that could be
helped by tuning something.
> As for what the parameters mean, there are descriptions in
firebird.conf. In most cases, there are more details in the release
notes as new parameters are introduced or existing ones are altered.
> >I'm verry newby and my KnowHow on Firebird is very low.
> >
> >The firebird.conf file is not tuned (all lines are remarked wiht #)
> That is incorrect. The remarked lines indicate the default
> >Please help my
> You need to help us to help you by describing your problems as well
as you can, i.e., what you observe that tells you that you
have "performance problems".
> Many of the config parameters have one meaning for Classic server
and another for Superserver, so you need to say which one you are
> You need to tell us how the databases are being accessed, e.g. over
a LAN, over a slow WAN, over the Internet, etc., etc. Tell us
whether the databases were created under Firebird 2 or were simply
hooked up from an older Fb 1.5 server....tell us what kind of
applications are accessing the databases and what data access
interfaces are in use....and so on.
> ./heLen