Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird.conf for HP Proliant Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:59 PM 16/06/2008, you wrote:
>I have to solve performance problems with firebird 2.0.3 running on a
>HP Proliant Server. This Server owns Intel Xenon Prozessors and 3,5 GB
>Ram. The OS is Windows 2003 SP2.
>Is there a description whitch parameters i have to tune?

You don't have to tune anything. You might need to tune something at some point, if you find that you have problems that could be helped by tuning something.

As for what the parameters mean, there are descriptions in firebird.conf. In most cases, there are more details in the release notes as new parameters are introduced or existing ones are altered.

>I'm verry newby and my KnowHow on Firebird is very low.
>The firebird.conf file is not tuned (all lines are remarked wiht #)

That is incorrect. The remarked lines indicate the default settings.

>Please help my

You need to help us to help you by describing your problems as well as you can, i.e., what you observe that tells you that you have "performance problems".

Many of the config parameters have one meaning for Classic server and another for Superserver, so you need to say which one you are using.

You need to tell us how the databases are being accessed, e.g. over a LAN, over a slow WAN, over the Internet, etc., etc. Tell us whether the databases were created under Firebird 2 or were simply hooked up from an older Fb 1.5 server....tell us what kind of applications are accessing the databases and what data access interfaces are in use....and so on.