Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error INET
Author Matthias Hanft
Milan Babuskov wrote:
>> possibly some web clients close the HTTP connection
>> early, and as a consequence, my web server closes the FB connection early.
> Or rather, dies out without closing the connection gracefully?

Hmmm... my Delphi FB components reside within a dynamically CREATEd
and FREEd data module - this means, freeing the data module always
calls TIBDatabase.Free which does an implicit close of the connection.

(At least, I hope so! But which software is 100% bug-free...)

I just could wrap the whole TIdHTTPServer.OnCommandGet thread into
try/except to catch exceptions which I overlooked until now - but
even then, the data module (and all connections in it) should be
FREEd (because of "datamodule.create - try - ... - finally datamodule.
free"). But who knows...

> As always, fixing things is a good idea (esp. since it makes the log
> clear so you can detect some 'new' problems if they show up).

That's why I asked :-)

> However,
> unless you see a clear problem message like (example from my
> firebird.log): 'Uncommitted work may have been lost', you shouldn't
> worry too much.

None of them. It's just that I got that "error 9" 19,582 times since
Nov 11, 2007 - that's about 90 times per day! On the other hand, the
web server processes about 100,000 requests per month, that is 3,333
per day, and 90 out of 3,333 means an "error rate" of 2,7% (where the
connections aren't closed gracefully). In addition, each web server
conncection relates to two separate database connections, so the
"true error rate" is even only 1,35%.

In any case, everything works fine - and since debugging such a
sporadic error is very difficult, I think I'll just ignore it
from now on...

Thank you for your help!