Subject Re: Solved: Database works fine but phsical storage file is not exist. How ?
Author omurolmez
Thank you for your interest.
It is solved.

By using command line search, I found the physical file as
c:\windows\system32\ABC. There was something with Windows Search
menu opt.

Ömür Ölmez

--- In, "Fidel Viegas"
<fidel.viegas@...> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 11:49 AM, omurolmez <oolmez@...> wrote:
> > But now, I want to see what happen when I just use 'localhost:'.
> > searched whole disk for a file 'abc.*'. I found nothing. I also
> > checked server's bin current path, install path, OS temp path. I
> > found nothing.
> Did you recreate the database as Helen suggested? Or you are still
> looking for the same database you created previously? If you are
> searching for the previous database, then you shouldn't search with
> 'abc.*', but 'abc*' or just 'abc' and windows should find that for
> you.
> > We decided to port our db to firebird. I try to learn something
> > about it. And this strange situation was scary beginning for me.
> Hum... did you read the Quick Start Guide? That's a good starting
> Fidel.