Subject Re: [firebird-support] 6 decimals
Author Anderson Farias

> I have a field in my database, that is
> CURS_VALUTA DECIMAL (18, 6) - need this because of transactions to/from
> (hungarian forints - euro - RON Romanian lei). One HUF = 0.014687 RON ;
> One
> HUF = 0.004023 euro
> var
> curs_valuta: Extended;
> curs_valuta:=my_query.fieldbyname('curs_valuta').AsFloat;
> here local variable curs_valuta receives 0.0015

Well, I'd say IBX is creating your fields as TCurrencyFields, I'm not sure
if this is the same on D2007 but with older versions, currency suports only
4 decimal places. Can you confirm that?

Have you tryed DECIMAL (15,6) and see if it results the same behavior?!

> Asked about this in borland.public.delphi.ide - they said I should use
> proper component set, not IBX, to access the data. Can you help me in
> chosing one replacement for IBX ?

If you're willing to pay for (and I must say, they're not expansive at all)
the most popular (ad great component sets) are IBO and FIB Plus, with the
last being the most easy to migrate from IBX since they come from the same
initial code in the past.

Anderson Farias