Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re-install woes
Author Moegamat Alexander

Thanx for the response Vlad.

What happens with the possibility of duplicate functions. rfunc is quite
a large bundle of udfs

The dll's as well as the sql are in ../UDF directory and config required
to tell that they are there

I have also noticed somthing queer...
I ran this query ...
select substr('test',1,1)
from dual
and it game the same kinda error
When I go select "SUBSTR"('test',1,1)
from dual .... it works the funny thing is now i can
use the function in lower case too
wonder what that can be...



>>> "Vlad Khorsun" <hvlad@...> 06/10/08 8:27 PM >>>
> I re-installed my development machine and has been having the
> problems...
> 1) Installed the newer 2.1 version for windows
> Now it seems I can only on connection to the database at a time. I
> generally use more than one connection for development
> one for delphi, one to test my app as well as one to connect via my
> database manager and i use ems in this case
> I generally have no hassles installing at a client site with fairly
> basic setups... now i get the following error
> Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902
> I/O error for file "C:\FBDATA\TESTDB.FDB"
> -Error while trying to open file
> -The process cannot access the file because it is being used by
> process.

Do you use embedded ?
Any chance you have more than one server instance run ?

> 2) The second funny thing I get is the problem with UDF's they dont
> seems to work any more
> a) I have used the rfunc udf package for a while now and one of the
> functions ... eg round()
> b) I droped all the udf's
> c) re-execute the rfunc6.sql script to recreate them
> d) testing the udf's I get the following error..
> Invalid token.
> Invalid request BLR at offset 59.
> Function ROUND is not defined.
> Module name or entrypoint could not be found.

ROUND is built-in function in 2.1

Make sure you have dll's needed to load rfunc.udf