Subject AW: [firebird-support] Problem Firebird Classic Server
Author Olaf Kluge

Thanks for help!

Since we have cnanged our superserver to classic-Server, the Datebase size
of the gdb are growing. After 3 Month the database doesn't works fine and
hangs up on simple operations. The database has many triggers and
procedures. Much operations are working concurrently. Some time before, we
have used the Superserver without this problem.

The front end, our Access Application works fine, until the moment, the
database doesn't response of a request. The odbcdirect-connection is not the
best way to connect to firebird. If we connect with ado or dao, it is not
the one and only solution, but we perhaps can perform a better
error-handling. An Example of code was very helpful.

You are right, we have probably a problem with our connection. The
firebird.log returns many of this entrys: (10/11 per day)

FLS (Client) Thu Dec 06 08:41:27 2007

INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10060

Other clients does connect to our firebird-database. (C++/MFS based program)

Summary: Access-clients: max. 17 connections (= 17 x 2 connections per
Access-client, one odbc table-link and one odbc-direct-connection)

C++/MFC Clients: max 30 clients

Can we log what application does cause this error and perhaps cause the
problems with the firebird database? Why does the database-file more bigger
and bigger and doesn't works fine after thee month after we have chanched to
the classic server? The reason to change was the swap to a quadcore-personal
computer. The superserver does not support these kind of processors. The new
server has 4 GB of RAM. Some firebird threats use many memory.

Thank you again for your help!


> Why don't we have the problem with the superserver-architecture? Since we
> use the classic server, the problem already exists.

To the point of view of the client, Classic and SS are the same thing, so
your problem do not rely on how you execute your queries. Tell more details
about the "problem" it self and you may get some help.

Anderson Farias

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