Subject AW: [firebird-support] Problem Firebird Classic Server
Author Olaf Kluge

thank your for your request.

We have some connections to the Frontend (MS Access for input and analysis,
the driver name is Gemini odbc 2.1), the tables are connected with odbc and
a odbcdirect-connection opens the procedures. Does the firebird-engine hang,
the Frontend is waiting for it. Can you give me an example to connect the
firebird database safer (in vba for Microsoft Access, DAO or ADO?) How can I
call procedures with parameters in both directions with the new connection?

Why don't we have the problem with the superserver-architecture? Since we
use the classic server, the problem already exists.

Thanks in advance.

O. K.


[] Im Auftrag von Anderson Farias
Gesendet: Freitag, 6. Juni 2008 13:34
Betreff: Re: [firebird-support] Problem Firebird Classic Server


> we are using the Firebird 2.01 Classic Server. The new compressed database
> has a size of 120 Megabytes. After 3 month of running the Firebird Classic
> Server the database has already a size of 350 Megabytes. After that time
> the
> database doesn't work probably. (Deadlock etc.) It works fine again after
> compressing.

You're probably not taking care of your transactions *or* crashed
workstations are holding this transactions opened. If the later, you should
lower your OS KeepAliveInterval (for Windows take a look at this:
http://support. <> and this
http://support. <> -- look for
"DummyPacketInterval" in your firebird.conf for more info.

...AND, do not use guardian at all (or uncomment and set GuardianOption = 0
in your Firebird.conf)


Anderson Farias

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