Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem Firebird Classic Server
Author Anderson Farias

> we are using the Firebird 2.01 Classic Server. The new compressed database
> has a size of 120 Megabytes. After 3 month of running the Firebird Classic
> Server the database has already a size of 350 Megabytes. After that time
> the
> database doesn't work probably. (Deadlock etc.) It works fine again after
> compressing.

You're probably not taking care of your transactions *or* crashed
workstations are holding this transactions opened. If the later, you should
lower your OS KeepAliveInterval (for Windows take a look at this: and this -- look for
"DummyPacketInterval" in your firebird.conf for more info.

...AND, do not use guardian at all (or uncomment and set GuardianOption = 0
in your Firebird.conf)


Anderson Farias