Subject Re: gds_$receive failed error using gBak
Author Adam
--- In, "Hernando Duque C"
<duque.hernando@...> wrote:
> > I don't know what you mean. Have you used iSQL to perform a simple
> > select * from problemtable;
> >
> > GBak just (in principle) does a select * from the table and writes the
> > results to a file, so I want to know whether doing the same thing
> > without gbak causes the same issue.
> I use IBOConsole to perform selects on the database. If I make a
> select * from probtable I get several records but when navigating
> through the recordset I get:

Yes, most GUI tools only fetch enough records to fill the visible part
of the grid. iSQL fetches the lot.

> ISC ERROR CODE:335544333
> ISC ERROR MESSAGE: internal gds software consistency chek (wrong
> record length (183))
> > If you are performing a select * from problemtable and receive the
> > error, disconnect and try again using an order by (primary key field)
> > statement.
> I did it and now I have in a safe place the mayor data tables, also
> this work arround was very helpfull:
> > While I have seen record level corruption stopping gbak in its tracks,
> > I have never seen it on the scale your posts seem to indicate. What
> > can you tell us about the environment the database file is in?
> OS : Windows Vista Bussines
> Firebird 1.5.5

Is there any antivirus or backup software on the system? If so, it
must be set to exclude the fdb files while your firebird service is
running. Are you in a habit of making filesystem level copies of the
fdb file while the service is running, or connecting to the database
during a restore?