Subject Re: gds_$receive failed error using gBak
Author Hernando Duque C
> I don't know what you mean. Have you used iSQL to perform a simple
> select * from problemtable;
> GBak just (in principle) does a select * from the table and writes the
> results to a file, so I want to know whether doing the same thing
> without gbak causes the same issue.

I use IBOConsole to perform selects on the database. If I make a
select * from probtable I get several records but when navigating
through the recordset I get:

ISC ERROR CODE:335544333
ISC ERROR MESSAGE: internal gds software consistency chek (wrong
record length (183))

> If you are performing a select * from problemtable and receive the
> error, disconnect and try again using an order by (primary key field)
> statement.

I did it and now I have in a safe place the mayor data tables, also
this work arround was very helpfull:

> While I have seen record level corruption stopping gbak in its tracks,
> I have never seen it on the scale your posts seem to indicate. What
> can you tell us about the environment the database file is in?

OS : Windows Vista Bussines
Firebird 1.5.5

Thank you very much for your help.