Subject Re: Firebird Has To Be Manually Startred On One PC.
Author inoffensive_2006
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 12:54 PM 8/06/2008, you wrote:
> > If, under the registry's HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key,
> > the subkey "Firebird" is present, no attempt is made to
> > install Firebird.
> So your test doesn't check HKLM\SOFTWARE\Firebird Project\Firebird
Server\Instances\DefaultInstance at all? Not that it's significant.
The key doesn't have to exist for a Firebird service to run.

Oops, your right. I was thinking about the contents of
\Program Files when I wrote that.

I do test the registry keys you desribe, down to
"Firebird Project", in order to see if Firebird needs to be

> [snip almost everything] But...I'm finished with trying here. I've
written more than enough about predictable snafus. Custom-designed
ones are a bit beyond me on wet Sunday afternoons....

Fair enough. Thanks again.