Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error 335544379 -unsupported on disk structure.
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:33 PM 7/06/2008, you wrote:
>Hi, why would a user when istalling my software get this error on a XP
>machine, when others are not?
>Using: firebird for the firebird installer.
>This is the version used for production db.
> The firebird service has been confirmed running.
> Any pointers will be appreciated.
When you say "user" are you talking about a server?

i.e., you will get this error if:

a) the server is a Firebird 2 server and the database is ODS 11.1
b) the server is a Firebird 1.5.x server and the database ODS is 11.0 or higher
c) the server that is really trying to look at the database isn't a Firebird server at all, e.g., the host machine already has an InterBase server running and listening on Firebird's port.