Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 2.1 vs. msvcrt
Author Fulvio Senore
Leyne, Sean ha scritto:
> Fulvio,
>>> - what about embedded version?
>> When I will switch to V2.1 I will try building the embedded server
> with
>> Visual Studio 2003. People in the development list wrote me that it is
>> supported, and that should solve the problem.
> May be I'm missing something, but why is it *so unacceptable* to include
> the MS distributable as part of your application install?
> I have used countless "embedded" products which have required several
> redistributables to be also installed -- look at any Java app/applet, or
> the worse of all the MSDE (MS Data Engine) which had a very
> **lightweight** install of only 500MB in size (which included IE 7.0)
> Having to build your own engine EXE/DLL seems way too much work!
> Surely your time is better spent working on your own application issues
> then building your own engine so you can not ship a 2.8MB
> redistributable!!!
> Sean

If there is really a MSVC 2003 project file the time needed to build the
engine should be about the time to load the project and select the
"build" command. While the compiler works I can do something else.
Ok, it would also take some time to test the resulting files, but I
don't think that creating an installer that has to look if the target
computer is running XP or not and has to do different tasks in one case
or another would be much faster.

Of course it depends on one's experience, but being a C++ programmer I
feel more comfortable building the engine that fighting with an installer.
It also depends on the development tools that are used. Probably
something like Java or .NET would require so many components that adding
another one does not change things very much.
I am using C++ with IBPP, so my application can be a single .exe file,
plus the embedded files. Adding the runtime means adding a lot of things
to such a solution.

Another point: an application like mine does not require a real setup,
you can simply copy it to a folder and execute it, and it will run. A
setup file might be useful, but it is not needed. I like the idea of a
program that does not require a setup, but I realize that many other
people do not care about it.
Anyway, such a program can run as a portable application, for example
from an usb device. If I should use the V2.1 official embedded server
the program could not be used as a portable application any more, since
it would not work on computers (probably millions) where the runtime is
not installed.