Subject Re: [firebird-support] Ghost image backups
Author Woody
OK, it seems they are using Acronis at Without going too in
depth, it looks like it supports some database engines like MSSQL and
Oracle, which they name specifically. Still not sure if this is a problem or
not but I would suspect it could be. According to their site, you should be
able to exclude files as well. I could recommend that they exclude the
database directory and only backup the backup. Not sure how well it would go
over though since they are relying on 15 minutes intervals for backups. Even
if I set my own backups at every hour, that's a big load on the system with
multiple users.

Suggestions anyone? More info needed? I don't want anyone else to do the
research for me, but I don't know about the internals of FB, just how to
work with it from the outside. Is there anything specific I should be
looking for to justify excluding my stuff from the backup? Upgrading FB at
this point in time is not an option as I don't have to time to put into it.
I hope to have it done by the end of the year, though, in order to be more

Woody (TMW)