Subject VS 2008, XP pro & Firebird DB
Author yuppski
Ive been following the setup instructions from

Im not sure where i can find :-

Registry update

Remember to update the path in FirebirdDDEXProviderPackageLess32.reg
or FirebirdDDEXProviderPackageLess64.reg, places where to update it
are marked %Path%.
Install the .reg file into the registry.

(as per the setup from the link above)

Ive noticed that the components are only available for Windows Forms
and not Web Applications. Is this correct ?

The "Connection String Editor"

Doesnt pop up neither does the "Command Text Editor"

Anyone had this problem ? I entered the details manually but Im
unable to test the connection and or SQL statement.

Has anyone got any working versions whether its Windows App and or
Web App in c# for VS 2008 ? The whole solution would be nice.