Subject delphi application cannot store double values with only 4 decimal digits on firebird ref/eDN1023740001 ref/eDN0013816581
Author dennis
Using Delphi 7 and IBX 7,08. If a Delphi application tries to store i.e. the number 12,43045523 it stores only the 12,4304. In sql script level, firebird stores this value as well. So the problem is restricted in IBX components. Further, the milliseconds of tdatetime variables (timestamp fields) are not stored also! Are equal to zero.

Does anybody knows about this issue?

p.s. (crazy debugging after hours) the IBX 11 raises exception when it tries to store value with more than 6 decimal digits where the decimal symbol in regional settings of the system is comma [,] instead of dot [.].

Does anybody knows that is happening on Delphi 2007 according Firebird?



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