Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: WIN1250 not installed
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:49 PM 3/06/2008, you wrote:
>> Well - you tell us! Do you have a path like that this week? ;-)
>> ./heLen
>Sorry Helen, maybe I don't understand, the path is all time the same,
>I shorten the name of directory because of the fact I have three
>instances of FB (1.5.5, 2.1, 2.5A) so I need to know which one I use
>in DOS window (firebi~1, firebi~2, firebi~3 is not so clear).

I meant - is the library still in that location: 'c:\PROGRA~1\Firebird\FB2_1\intl\fbintl.dll'

And, if so, is it the same location where the service would expect it to be? (Check the executable's path as seen in the property sheet of the service: it should be 'c:\Program Files\Firebird\FB2_1\bin\fbserver.exe or fb_inet_server.exe if it is going to find the intl library.)