Subject Big Database (for me)
Author niall_scott

Although I have been using Firebird for some years, it has always been
with small datasets.

I am now writing an application which I estimate will have about a
20GB dataset.

I've upgraded to from v1.5 to v2.1 RC2 with Delphi 2007 using UIB

I'm sure some of my questions are dumb but please bear with me.

The first thing I've noticed is that I have to enclose all my
fieldnames and tablenames in double quotes, is this new or have I done
something dumb.

AS far as I can understand from the info on the web I have to split
the database into 4GB chunks (server is XP), is this correct?
I created a database with 5 files each of 4GB, how do I backup and
restore it?

Currently the database has no data in it and the first file is 800mb
for test purposes and I have tried various switches on GBAK to back it
up finally succeeding with
gbak -B -USER SYSDBA -PAS masterkey -T sol:e:/fbdata/cdcache.fdb
which has produced a 20K .fbk file.
I tried restoring this to a new directory using
gbak -C -USER SYSDBA -PAS masterkey -T e:\cdcache.fbk
e:\test\cdcache.fdb 4000Mb e:\test\cdcache1.fdb 4000Mb
e:\test\cdcache2.fdb 4000Mb e:\test\cdcache3.fdb 4000Mb
but it just tells me that there are multiple sources or destinations
specified. ( I also tried without the directories for the subsequent
I succeeded with
gbak -C -USER SYSDBA -PAS masterkey -T e:\cdcache.fbk e:\test\cdcache.fdb
but as expected this only creates 1 data file.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


BTW I have already built an MSSSQL 2005 version of this program but
was intrigued when I ran the first part of my data acquisition on both
databases using exactly the same code.
approximately 2.5 million directory entries were checked and the file
details entered in a table using exactly the same code on the same
MSSQL approx 2.5 hours
Firebird approx 35 mins!!!