Subject cast blob sub_type 1 to varchar
Author danyschaer
Hi All;

I have a table with a blob field sub_type 1, and I want to get just
the first 20 characters for each record. (The field contains data
compressed with LZH).

So I am doing:

SELECT CAST(text_field_name as VARCHAR(20)) from table_name

Is this the right way for doing that?. Using FlameRobin I get the
next report:
Starting transaction...
Preparing query: select cast("TEXT" as varchar(20)) FROM "MOVI"
Prepare time: 00:00:00.
Field #01: .CAST Alias:CAST Type:STRING(20)

183 fetches, 0 marks, 10 reads, 0 writes.
0 inserts, 0 updates, 0 deletes, 44 index, 4 seq.
Delta memory: 18804 bytes.
Execute time: 00:00:08.
But then I get a messagebox reporting an error, Engine Code 335544321.

Thank you.