Subject Re: [firebird-support] Query Stops Working on Vista
Author Robert
I just realised it was working again because I was accidentally using my
workaround SQL, which appears to be OK. I think the problem here is
that MS have done something in Vista that breaks Jet tables linked via
ODBC to a backend database, but I'm not sure where the break is.



Robert wrote:
>> You shouldn't really trust that much on this approach. MS Acess isn't
>> famous for following standards. So, what may work in Access may not
>> work in Firebird.
> > I didn't know DISTINCTROW existed in Firebird either. Is DISTINCTROW
> > part of the standard?
> SQL standards are very weakly followed in my experience. However,
> don't forget that in this case the front-end DB is Jet, so it uses
> Access-flavoured SQL. With the method chosen it certainly works,
> because the SQL works when the client is running on WinXP. It's
> possible (likely indeed) that one or more of the various software layers
> tweaks the SQL. DISTINCTROW is not the problem though, because if I
> remove the 'WHERE B.X Is Null' part I get back exactly what I expect.
> Incidentally, with or without this last part no errors are raised.
> You got me thinking though - what SQL is getting passed to the server
> across the LAN? I just set myself up to test this, but today the SQL
> is working on Vista. I had a vague feeling when I got started on all
> this on Friday that I had seen the same problem a few weeks earlier, but
> not since. So this at least confirms that the problem is intermittent.
> Regards,
> Robert.

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