Subject Re: [firebird-support] Query Stops Working on Vista
Author Robert
> You shouldn't really trust that much on this approach. MS Acess isn't
> famous for following standards. So, what may work in Access may not
> work in Firebird.

> I didn't know DISTINCTROW existed in Firebird either. Is DISTINCTROW
> part of the standard?

SQL standards are very weakly followed in my experience. However,
don't forget that in this case the front-end DB is Jet, so it uses
Access-flavoured SQL. With the method chosen it certainly works,
because the SQL works when the client is running on WinXP. It's
possible (likely indeed) that one or more of the various software layers
tweaks the SQL. DISTINCTROW is not the problem though, because if I
remove the 'WHERE B.X Is Null' part I get back exactly what I expect.
Incidentally, with or without this last part no errors are raised.

You got me thinking though - what SQL is getting passed to the server
across the LAN? I just set myself up to test this, but today the SQL
is working on Vista. I had a vague feeling when I got started on all
this on Friday that I had seen the same problem a few weeks earlier, but
not since. So this at least confirms that the problem is intermittent.



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