Subject [firebird-support]Database design 2.1 and Table Size
Author Paul Hope

I am looking for an indication that a database table will still perform
adequately if it grows to 125m rows. We will change from FB1.5 to FB2.1 (SS
MS Windows).

Transfer of historic data will start it with 21m records. It will then grow
at 24m per year. Data archiving will then probably keep it to below 150m
records. The table is not very wide, having about 30 fields, one being
varchar(100) and the rest numeric(9,2) or integers. Interest in the data
declines with time and the most recent 24m records will be the most active.
Key requirements are -
Batch insert of 2m records each month - indexes can be disabled for this.
For reporting joins to a 2m record table (<500ms response for one row?).

Is this requirement likey to be a challenge to FB2.1 or will it take it in
its stride?
Does it imply any extra hardware requirements - especially RAM (assuming
dual processors,raid etc).
How much of a benefit might 64bit Windows server provide?


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