Subject RE: [firebird-support] File size limit
Author Martin Dew

> Many thanks for the confirmation Helen, all hardware out there is new
> 2k Advanced servers in clusters where firebird is cluster aware, they
> use a raid disk set (central storage for cluster) made with the
> and are thus created and formatted under a minimum of Win2k NTFS (some
> now using Win 2008 server in cluster).

To be clear, Firebird is NOT cluster aware.



thanks Sean, we have been using Firebird in cluster environments for over 3 years now, it works extremely well in as much that the firebird server and guardian fall over to the next node during a cluster rollover (failure). The next node takes the same node and controls the db files from the shared disk array, on odd occasions the users will be prompted by a host not available error, log out of our db aware apps and then log in again to continue working, extremely minimal downtime in the event of hardware failure, sometimes if the connection is not active during the very quick node failover most users can seamlessly continue working.