Subject Re: Newbie - Firebird installed but not running
Author Chris Kenworthy
--- In, "Anderson Farias"
<peixedragao@...> wrote:
> You should use something like
> /usr/lib/firebird2/bin/fbmgr -start -forever
> Have you look if you install comes with a firebird script at
> /etc/init.d (or something like, at your distro) use this to
> automatically start the FB server, on RedHat/similar I use something
> like: chkconfig --level 345 firebird on to make it auto-start at
> levels 3,4 and 5
> manually you could use: /etc/init.d/firebird start

Ooh, wow, I feel like I'm learning so much about linux from this
firebird escapade!

Yes, /etc/init.d/firebird2 is there, along with
/etc/rc5.d/S20firebird2 and similar link files for levels 2-4

The /etc/init.d/firebird2 start call will initialize the server fine
if I sudo it, but seems to have a lot of issues if I try running it as
user - can't read SYSDBA.password, unknown command start-stop daemon.
So when they're being called by the system, what user do the init.d
scripts run as? Is there any way to change that or log the script
output to see what's going on?

Thank you very much for all your help so far. If I can't get the
init.d working right, then I may set up a menu shortcut with an
appropriate call to 'kick' fbstart into operation automatically.