Subject Re: Moving from 1.5 to 2.1
Author Adam
--- In, "Ed Dressel" <dressel@...> wrote:
> > No, a Firebird 2.1 server should be able to make a backup of a
> > Firebird 1.5 database that can subsequently be restored by Firebird
> > 2.1 (of course test it yourself first and as always don't bomb the old
> > database until you are sure the new one worked).
> Nice.
> Is there any way of knowing that the database file structure is a 1.5
> structure rather then a 2.1 file structure? (So I can check on
> connection?)

gstat -h will tell you the ODS version for a database. Firebird 1.5 is
10.1, not sure about 2 (IIRC, 11).

I am pretty sure you can get this info through the services API as
well, but it probably depends on the language/connection components
you use as to how to do it.