Subject (2) Security.fdb corrupted
Author evt_lucas
When this problem occurs, clients usually saw the error code is 333.

I have a question about the firebird.log file. We are working with the
version, and in those computers where the error occurs, we
didn't find this file. Is there a configuration to create the file?

About the version, we tried to use the version 2.0 and this error occurs.

I was thinking about this problem and I remember We don't use firebird
guardian. The programs we developed starts firebird using the file
"firebird.exe" with the option -a enabled, if this isn't running. When
the computer is turn off, the server isn't stopped. Because of this,
the security.fdb can corrupt?

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 06:08 AM 7/05/2008, you wrote:
> >Hi Folks
> >
> >I would like to know how many factors can corrupt security.fdb. I have
> >systems running on clients and sometimes this problem occurs.
> Given that the security database is rarely written to, one might
suspect that any kind of regular corruption is occurring due to flaky
power or a dying hard disk.
> On Windows, any database with forced writes off is vulnerable to
corruption (and security.fdb on Windows is created with FW off, for
what reason I know not!) For all that, I haven't seen any corrupted
security databases before....
> What kind of corruption you are seeing (error messages?
firebird.log entries? can't back it up?) and how (and how often) are
you writing to security.fdb from end-user applications?
> ./heLen