Subject Embedded Firebird - Your user name and password are not defined.
Author inoffensive_2006
Hi Folks:

Developing on XP Home, VS 2008 Pro, C++, with IBPP.

I've just moved from the aging Visual C 6.0, and
I'm trying to run an app that uses embeded Firebird.
I just downloaded the laetst Firebird embedded,

I've built the app, and moved the suggested files
to the directory with the app's binary, just like I
did on the old machine.

When the app is attempting to create a database,
it gets this error:

Your user name and password are not defined.
Ask your database administrator to set up a
Firebird login.

I believe this is a Firebird issue, but as I
mentioned above, I am using IBPP.

When creating the database IBPP::DatabaseFactory()
is called with a blank or "localhost" in server name,
I've tried it both ways, the location where the
database is to be created, and proper text in the
user name and password. The char set is UTF8.

The next statement is Create(3).

At this point an exception is thrown.

I have another project that's using the superserver
on the system, which would expect security. But
Firebird's embedded DLL is in this app's executable

I've tried turning off the Firebird service from the
control pannel.

This app that requires embedded Firebird has been
co-existing with the app that uses Superserver just
fine on the old machine.

How do I deal with this?