Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.1 server and long time of detaching ???
Author Fulvio Senore
Dmitry Yemanov ha scritto:
> Bogusław Brandys wrote:
>> I encountered strange problem which occur only when closing
>> disconnecting software designed for older Firebird version 15 up to 2.0.
>> I've tested two Firebird accessing libraries for delphi under windows
>> and behaviour is identical. While connecting and disconnecting is fast,
>> closing application makes it stuck for a couple of seconds (5 and
>> longer). Because that happen only when there was a connection to
>> Firebird server during application run time I feel it may be related to
>> fbclient.dll unloading.
> Do you really use fbclient.dll (i.e. work in the client-server mode) or
> do you use fbembed.dll renamed as fbclient.dll (i.e. the embedded mode)?
I used to happen the same to me with a program that uses IBPP and 2.0.3
embedded. Since a pair of weeks it does not happen any more and the
program closes quickly again.

It looks like it was related to some Windows component that was changed
by Windows Update.

Fulvio Senore