Subject Re: Firebird Freezing Problem
Author buzzardj

I am still battling with this problem.
I have noticed during a freeze there is always at least 1 firebird
process with the flag 0x70 in state hung.

Owner id: 27997, type: 3, flags: 0x30, pending: 0,
semid: 15 (available)
Process id: 27997, UID: 0x1F5 Alive
Flags: 0x70 hung wake
Requests (284): forward: 752284, backward: 151524
Blocks (1): forward: 242320, backward: 242320

I have found that after killing that process, firebird usually
recovers and will once again accept new connections.

In a freeze today there were 6 hung processes with the flag 0x70 and
approx. 50 others in various hung states.
Flags: 0x40 hung
Flags: 0x44 hung
Flags: 0x60 hung wake

After killing one 0x70 process all the other 0x70 and hung processes
disappeared and firebird came back to life.

Does anyone know what these flags are, 0x70 specifically?
Any ideas on how I can track the source of these freezing issues down?

Many thanks,