Subject access rights error when updating on a view with triggers
Author Doru Ilasi
A table TEST(F1,F2) has an TEST_VW wiev. If an grantee (for updating)
user is trying to update the field F1 whom will trigger (by
TEST_VW_BU) the update of field F2 his action will raise an access
rights error. See code below.
Does someone know why this happen?

-- run this as SYSDBA in a new database
set autoddl on;
create table test(f1 varchar(1),f2 varchar(1));
create view test_vw(f1,f2) as select f1,f2 from test;

set term ^; create trigger test_vw_bu for test_vw active before update
as begin
update test set f2 = new.f1;
end^ set term ;^

revoke all on test_vw from USERNAME;
grant select on test_vw to USERNAME;
grant update (f1) on test_vw to USERNAME;
grant all on test to test_vw_bu;
set autoddl off;
insert into test_vw values('V','V');

-- login as USERNAME
update test_vw set f1 ='N';

will raise : Stetement failed, SQLCODE = -551
No permission for update/write access to COLUMN F2