Subject Re: Question to entry in log file
Author Adam
> I have looked into the CS model.
> It can be used, but require some changes in our program.
> It can be done, but we really dont have the time/money to do this.

Out of curiosity, what work is required? As long as you use a TCP/IP
based connection string, it should be completely interchangeable in a
few minutes.


> Basically I was just asking if this error indeed is a result of
> running out of memory.
> And if it is I have some solutions.
> 1.
> Live with


> 2.
> Wait until FB will be fixed.
> Sinse I cant reproduce it, I cant give a "working error" senario.

If Vlad is right (and I suspect he is), it is impossible to fix in a
32bit build of Firebird.

> 3.
> Switch to CS.
> 4.
> Or - Switch to FB 2.1 64 Bit.
> This is the action we have taken.
> We are about to convert them all to FB 2.1.
> But its not done in a day.

Yes, this should fix the memory issue. It won't stop the engine crash
killing every client though.