Subject Re: [firebird-support] Doubt about version 2.1...
Author Vlad Khorsun
> I have just read an interesting comment on a Microsoft forum. Go here to read it:

We don't use SP1

> Based on these information, it would be enough to have the file "Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest" in the same folder of the
> application along with the C++ dll's (in this case the same folder of fbclient.dll that is the same folder of the
> application's EXE).

You forget about dlls, used by the engine and not in \bin folder. I guess you can "solve"
the issue copiyng 3 files into each such folder (intl\udf\ets) but i don't think you'll like it :)

> I had that manifest file in this folder, but the problem popped out anyway. So it seems that
> fbclient.dll doesn't (or cannot) read that manifest file?

Nor fbclient.dll, nor application doesn't read manifest file. Its reads by MS dll's itself.