Subject Re: dateformat
Author Adam
> Do you mean the change the format of the current date? If you mean
> from another date format, eg. MM/DD/YY, then can you please let us
> know what format it is?

No, he means that date formatting is a presentation layer issue and so
solving it at the database layer is not the best approach.

If you insist you want the database to format things, then it is
possible to do, but don't expect the dbms to do the dirty work for
you. You are going to need to use a combination of built in functions
(namely EXTRACT) along with the substring function along with the
concatenate operator ||.

So it is going to look like:

SUBSTRING(EXTRACT(WEEKDAY from SomeField) FROM 1 FOR 3) || '-' ||
EXTRACT(MONTH from Somefield) ... etc
from SomeTable;