Subject Re: dateformat
Author hew_r3
--- In, "Anderson Farias"
<peixedragao@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> >I am using Firebird 2.1 under linux platform. It can be extract a date
> >into DDD-MM-YYYY format ? eg(Mon-12-2008).
> Your client can format the date any way you want.
> If you're talking about stored procs / triggers then CAST a date as
> will *always* result on a string formated as 'yyyy-mm-dd'. So, you
need to
> do some code yourself (using extract, substr, etc) to format the way
> want or use an UDF for that -- FB has no build-in function to format
> (to string).
> Regards,
> Anderson Farias
Do you mean the change the format of the current date? If you mean
from another date format, eg. MM/DD/YY, then can you please let us
know what format it is?