Subject isql - tab characters cause filename completion
Author belmont_services
I'm trying to disable the default interpretation of the "tab"
character during my isql sessions. I understand that isql is built
using the readline functions to obtain terminal input from me. While
this provides great things like command-line history and editing, it
also causes some frustration because it wants to interpret "tabs" as
filename completion requests. I have a lot of sql snippets that were
prepared using a text editor and they contain tabs as formatting. But
they don't work at all in isql when I cut and paste into my isql session.

I'm currently using FB 2.1 on Fedora 8, but I seem to recall this
problem was present for me on earlier versions of each.

Is there a way for me to modify my environment or isql invocation so
that the tab key isn't interpreted as a filename completion?