Subject Re: Missing Configuration File Aliases.conf
Author ra8009
> >The protocol using IB Objects is set to cpLocal for all
> >applications. Until everything on the client machine had to be
> >reinstalled, everything had worked fine for years.
> I don't believe you, sorry. A cpLocal connection does not work
across a network interface and *none* of the IBO connection protocols
makes it so.
> You still haven't provided the connection string that your
application uses.
> ./heLen

If it helps and if I'm remembering correctly, the two computers are
connected using a crossover cable. The path specified in the
connection component is using a UNC path to the target database. It's
roughly \\HostMachineName\drive letter\directory\mydatabase.fdb

I'm not sure what you don't believe. I'm sorry if I've miscommunicated
something, but what motivation would anyone here have for
misrepresenting the facts? I greatly appreciate the advice
and certainly have no interest in doing so.