Subject Re: [firebird-support] What Firebird build should be used on Slackware?
Author Milan Babuskov
vincent_kwinsey wrote:
> I have Slackeware 12. What build should be used for it? As there is no
> Firebird specifically designated as for Slackware. Version 1.5.x.

You can use .tar.gz packages, it installs very easy. Just unpack and run
./ as root. If you use Classic, make sure inetd service is

> If I am changing kernels - should I make some changes in Firebird
> installation or configruation as well? I guess no?

Only if you use SuperServer and switch from NPTL kernel to non-NPTL
kernel and vice versa. All kernels that come with Slack 12 support are
NPTL so there shouldn't be any problems.

Milan Babuskov