Subject RE: [firebird-support] Gbak restore errors with Vista Business
Author Alan McDonald
> I have run into some errors while trying to restore a firebird
> database. Firebird is running as a service. The backup worked great
> with the loop back in the path, but the restore has been a pain.
> With: gbak.exe -c -page 8192 "C:\ Path\DB.fbk" " C:\
> Path\DB.fdb" - user "SYSDBA" -password "masterkey" It returns
> the error: unavailable database.
> With: gbak.exe -c -page 8192 "\ Path\DB.fbk" " C:\
> Path\DB.fdb" -user "SYSDBA" -password "masterkey"
> Returns the error: gbak: ERROR: Cannot open backup file\
> Path\DB.fbk.
> I have tried:
> gbak.exe -c -page 8192 "\ Path\DB.fbk" .,
> gbak.exe -c -page 8192 "PC's IP:C:\ Path\DB.fbk".,
> gbak.exe -c -page 8192 "localhost:C:\ Path\DB.fbk".,
> gbak.exe -c -page 8192 "PC's name:C:\ Path\DB.fbk".
> All return the same error: ERROR: Cannot open backup file .
> Has anyone else experienced this and found a work around?

You can't have a space as the first character of the path
In all casea above you have
C:\ Path