Subject Re: Indexed used with search name='TEST' but not with name like 'TEST%'
Author swestner

thanks goes to everyone whoe helped me!

IdxWord3 is in the column indexedobject.

The compound index on attribute,name is newly created by me.


--- In, "Leyne, Sean" <Sean@...>
> Stefan,
> > > Please create a new compound index based on Word_1.attribute and
> > > (in that order) (or is IXWORD3 that index?).
> > Hello Sean,
> >
> > THANKS!!!!!
> Actually, Anderson Farias deserves credit as well. Without his
> narrowing of the problem to a simple SQL which we could focus on,
> would have been no way I would have bothered to work further on
> > Creating the Index IdxWordtest on word (attribute, data) did the
> It was the uniqueness of the resulting set which suggested that the
> compound index would be beneficial.
> BTW, that is the definition of the IXWORD3 index?
> If it is on Word (attribute), then it can be dropped. The new
index can
> be used instead for searches on Attribute alone as well as
Attribute +
> Value.
> > Both queries runs in about 3-4 seconds.
> That is much faster than I had expected, I expected an improvement
> only 5-20x times.
> Sean
> P.S. Like SET I still think that the BOLD tool needs to review how
> constructs its SQL queries -- WHAT A MESS!